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The Hidden Thoughts of a Business Owner – Part 1

January 25, 2016 // No Comments

Owning a business is like being on a roller coaster ride. It can have exciting and adventurous moments, along with a few stomach knots riding the down turns. If you were able to read the vulnerable thoughts running through the mind of most entrepreneurs with a heavy pillow at 2am, it may read something like this…

I feel isolated and alone with a multitude of decisions. I want to talk them out with someone. But if I bring it home to my spouse it creates more stress. And my employees don’t need to know and are not driven like myself. I never admitted to how depressed I feel.

Just the thought of dealing with the cash flow and outlook in the year ahead creates anxiety. I am not sure if we have enough business to sustain the team members we need to support. This stress is taking its toll on my physical health.

I am burned out and completely fatigued! The work load and deadlines are numerous and I am not sure we can find and train good help in the coming months. I wish I had two more hours in a day, but at the same time I am in desperate need of a vacation.

As I look ahead, I have no exit plan or strategy for my business. The task of finding someone and training them is overwhelming. For the most part, I avoid thinking about it and hope something will eventually work out.

In a perfect world, if you had 20 plus years of leadership experience from the beginning you could rest at ease. But the truth is we learn as we go.Having a good mentor/ coach outside your business is huge. They can provide a fresh perspective and clarity moving forward, so you can have a fruitful business and a fulfilling personal life as well.

“What good is it to gain a business and lose the man?”

Part two of this blog will discuss a few coaching insights on these emotional challenges.